The attraction of “the BTS phenomenon” lies in the “new masculine”

The attraction of “the BTS phenomenon” lies in the “new masculine”

Experts have organized a seminar, analyzing the reason why the Bulletproof Youth Group (BTS) created explosive popularity around the world, such as a legendary group ” The Beatles “.

The seminar entitled “BTS Insight Forum” with the participation of about 30 experts in many fields, such as linguistics, philosophy, big data analysis, opened from August 26 and lasted for three Date in Gangnam District, Seoul.

Experts say one of the reasons for the “BTS Phenomenon” is the “new masculinity”. The author Lee Ji-young of “The BTS Art Revolution” analyzed that BTS members always express their happy and sad emotions in front of fans, both smiling and crying, different from many culture. The old way is that men who control emotions, avoid expressing emotions that are said to be mushy by women. This is a new masculine feature, in contrast to the usual rigid masculinity.

Experts say that it is the image that goes beyond the traditional male gender role that BTS has created, which is the secret that makes the group attract fans of all genders.

Professor Colette Balmain of the University of Kingston’s Department of Film and Communication analyzes that BTS has created a new masculinity, inspiring “gender liberation” for Western youth. Kingston University plans to host a seminar involving BTS, with about 180 scholars from around the world in January next year.

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