BTS’s world tour sold a record number of tickets

BTS’s world tour sold a record number of tickets

Reputable American magazine Billboard reported that the top K-pop boy group BTS (Bulletproof Youth Group) sold over 600,000 tickets on their first world tour, titled “Love Yourself: Speak.” Yourself ”in the US, South America and Europe.

According to Billboad’s statistics on June 14 (local time), BTS’s US tour has earned $ 44 million, plus $ 35 million from tickets sold in Europe and South America.
In the United States, the Korean group performed two concerts at each location: Rose Bowl Stadium (Pasadena, California), Soldier Field (Chicago) and MetLife (New Jersey).

With K-pop stars selling a total of 299,770 tickets in just six shows, Billboard rated the results as staggering.

With 6 more performances at the Allianz Parque Stadium (Sao Paulo-Brazil), Wembley Stadium (London-England) and Stade de France (Paris-France), the group sold a total of 606.409 tickets for the whole tour. demand for this time, totaling 78.9 million USD.

In particular, the two concerts at the Rose Bowl have earned $ 16.6 million, recording the highest achievement in the stadium’s ticketing history, surpassing the results of big ticket sales, such as singer Taylor Swift, U2, and even the show that combines artists, like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Eminem and Rihanna.

Next month, BTS will continue to “sweep” Japanese cities, with performances at the Yanmar yard in Osaka (July 6-7) and the Ecopa field in Shizuoka (July 13-14).

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